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  > Mini Guide To Come Up With A Perfect Dissertation APA Format
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Mini Guide To Come Up With A Perfect Dissertation APA Format

The worst thing about writing a dissertation is the dissertation format since there are many structures that are being used worldwide including dissertation apa format and mla and understanding how to use them is itself a challenge.

Let us discuss the dissertation apa format in detail.


Abstract is a summary within one page that provides the central idea or you can say that big picture of the whole story. It is short, concise yet powerful enough to ignite a reader’s intention to read the rest of the dissertation with interest.

Structure of an abstract is as follows:

• Problem statement

• Thesis objectives

• Methodology

• Achievements


There is a complete not on which you promise to adhere to the principle of no plagiarism and some of the other things that you have done in the thesis like if you have taken a major portion from some place, you must mention it or mention the approximate plagiarism that you have done in the thesis. And at the end, place your signature with your name.


If there is anyone whom you would like to share the credit, please mention it here in this section.

Table of contents:

This part is the most important part in dissertation format. I am sure, you know everything about it. You must list down the table of contents with the numbered pages in this section.

List of figures:

Figures, graphs or any other non- literary work must be mentioned here.


Introduce the subject properly. Remember not to mix abstract with the introduction. Normally students get confused with both the terms. You just have to introduce the topic here in detail.


Here, you will mention the research you have done till now from the sources you collected. Remember, to use your own words to come up with a perfect body paragraph. Use graphs and figures where you find necessary.

Each paragraph should deal with a separate topic and make sure to include the evidences to support your argument otherwise the whole thesis will look weightless.


Conclusion is the place where you will wrap up your whole work while giving all the evidences one by one. Come up to a concluding statement that will identify your hypothesis wrong or right.

Limitations and restrictions:

During the research work, it is certain that you will come across many hindrances; therefore, you must list down all the limitations and hindrances that you encountered during the research work.

Future recommendation:

Where you will mention about the suggestions and recommendations that you will give the readers and the researchers to understand the matter well and solve it consequently.

Dissertation apa citation:

Now provide the references in apa format that are generally given in the guideline provided by the supervisors.

Therefore, you are now done with your thesis. You can follow the above told format to come up with a flawless thesis project.

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