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  > Help With Dissertation Writing For Students Who’ve Never Written It Before
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Help With Dissertation Writing For Students Who’ve Never Written It Before

You have entered into your masters final year and have to write a dissertation but wait! Are you sure, what you are writing is an apt dissertation and not merely an essay?

You have got in to your masters final year; throughout your academic career, you have been writing reports and essays. However, still you are not sure of the difference between a dissertation and an essay. Now for your final year dissertation, you have selected a topic and have done extensive research but you are still confused.

There is a substantial difference between a dissertation and an essay.

Here is a look at the five basic differences between a dissertation and an essay that will provide help with dissertation writing and save you from uncertainty …

1.Purpose Of Writing

A dissertation is a document written in support of obtaining an academic degree or qualification. The purpose of writing is to present something new or unique, to bring out those aspects of the topic that are either not explored or only a little research is done previously.

It is usually undertaken in the supervision of a professor or an academic of the university.

An essay is usually written as part of the subject and does not amount, as a separate subject therefore does not require a supervisor.

2.Length and Focus

The completion of a dissertation requires the input of the author, his original work and findings about the case in point therefore is usually lengthy, the students themselves have to choose a particular topic and give some relevant information or new idea regarding the topic or critically analyze the existing concept.

In essay, the author is not required to give his input regarding the topic. Therefore, academic requirements for thesis especially in terms of originality are much greater than that required in an essay.


There are certain components that are required to be a part of dissertation presentation style, such as table of content, abstract, methodology, literature review and suggestions for further view, tables, graphs etc. it has its own specific style, word count and formatting requirements.

All the above mentioned components should not necessarily be a part of an essay. However, proper referencing and bibliography is required in each case.

4.Research Requirements

The argument presented in ordinary essays does not require to be extensively researched or delved deeply. You only have to answer what is being asked.

A dissertation on the other hand, needs extensive research fully supported by arguments. The arguments should be up to the mark and should be convincing enough to support your point in front of the dissertation committee.

5.Time Period

Typically, it takes four to five years to complete a doctoral dissertation degree. It is usually taken as a full time job because of its extensive research requirements and high demand of involvement.

Essays can be written along with doing the routine jobs. They do require a certain amount of efforts but are usually less time consuming.

Recognizing the aforementioned differences will make your task much easier and get you started with your dissertation instantly without confusion or uncertainty.

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