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  > Anthropology essay – Content and Structure
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Anthropology essay – Content and Structure

Usually the undergraduate essays involve argumentative aspects, this is why, it quite different from high school essays where essay means the summarization of your ideas. It is not a hard and fast rule that you have to write it totally using your own ideas; rather you can use author quotes, statements and ideas to present your argument in a logical and coherent manner.

Arguments in anthropology essay:

You have to first determine what should be your main argument; make sure it all related to the anthropology essay topic. For example; if you are writing on is advertising manipulative? Then your argument would be in your anthropology essays.

Studies have shown that advertising has been manipulative ……” or make it according to whatever your essay topic anthropology topic.

Evidence to support your stance in the argument:

Believe It or not, readers have grown up to the extent that they want credible answers, they will only believe you when you will provide sturdy evidence to support your argument. If you are in support of advertising being manipulative, then you can write something like this:

“Cigarette advertiser manipulate young smoker by making them believe girls get impress by smoking, this provokes them to smoke”.

Composing theoretical arguments:

Arguments build up on the basis of theoretical discussion which is then supported with sturdier evidence.

Discuss Van Gennep’s rite of passage in order to get a clear picture of the origin of rituals.

You must have noticed that you only have to address a particular are of the literature and theories related to it.  A good anthropological essay will construct arguments on the rite of passage and other similar nature of work.

Incorporating ethnographic case studies:

Ethnography is a form of qualitative research conducted in anthropology; it will sound quite effective when theory and ethnographic case studies are given in the essay.


Structuring of an essay is as important as the content, no matter how effective the content is, if it is not properly structured you won’t get any success.

See if you anthropology essay in answering the question?

The question of your anthropological essay is about the essay topic; make sure your essay is according to the topic of the essay by providing ethnographic case studies and theories to support you stance. Simply, your argument in the essay should form an answer to the essay topic question.

Basic structure of your essay:

First, comes the introductory paragraph, it should be related to two issues

• What is the road map of your essay that is where will the essay take its readers to?

• What is the basic thing they will get in your essay?

Next come the body of the essay:

There is no standard way for writing the body of your anthropology essay, but the following guideline will help you better understand the difference.

1. Each and every paragraph should be logical and coherent.

2. They should be separated giving separate points but it should be related to the topic of the essay.

3. Sub-sections are only used when you need to create break within a particular argument.

4. A short summary paragraph should be given at the end of the body.

5. Finally, try to avoid plagiarism as much as possible.


The main ingredients of a good conclusion are:

1. It is concise.

2. Restates the main argument

3. Short summary of the essay

4. Central idea of the essay

Therefore, try to follow the above told guideline for neither writing anthropology essay but make sure you are nor overdoing it.

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