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  > scarlet letter essays, the scarlet letter essays, free scarlet letter essays, essays on the scarlet letter, critical essays on the scarlet letter
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scarlet letter essays, the scarlet letter essays, free scarlet letter essays, essays on the scarlet letter, critical essays on the scarlet letter
Scarlett letter essay, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne is one of the remarkable pieces of literature mixing the conformism, remorse and sin. Teachers, in order to analyze the critical skills of the students assign them to write critical essays on the Scarlett letter. Most often they get confused in writing a thesis statement of the Scarlett letter essays as they are not able to make it argumentative, student come up with a weak thesis statement destroying the whole essence of the scarlet letter essay. Therefore, Following are three Scarlett letter thesis statement essay ideas to help students write a perfect thesis statement for the Scarlett letter essays. Thesis statement idea number one based on the theme of Sin: “Pearl is a character that is a living identity of the sins committed by Dmmesdale, Hesder and Scarlett herself” The above told theme is totally based on the theme of sin which was committed by Scarlett and the other two supporting characters in the play, all you have to do is to prove that pearl was the resulting truth of the misdeed Scarlet once conducted while also underlining the circumstances that lead to such a sin. Thesis statement idea number two based on the theme of guilt: “Emergence of guilty feeling in the heart of Scarlett swings in and out throughout the novel” Here, you will tell the readers why Scarlet guilty throughout the play, what was the crime was that she committed and what forced her to do that? Also mention the name of the people that support her with her crime and what was the relationship of Scarlett with them. Thesis statement idea number three base on the theme of conformism: “The retribution of Hester by Puritans society for her wickedness bore the justness” Revenge that was taken by the puritans society was a justified act, you have to prove this statement by telling the readers why was the revenge taken and what is the element of conformism in this thesis statement. Conformism occurs when many people are forced to or some time voluntarily chooses the same route without thinking on the topic. Scarlett letter got an overwhelming response from the world after it was published, therefore, the essay has been written many times on it. so it is crucial you put a lot of effort into the topic and the thesis statement of Scarlet letter essay. Therefore, students should base their thesis statement on the above told themes of free Scarlett letter essays as they are the thrsee main pillars of the whole Scarlett essay but if they want to draft their own thesis statement which is indeed very good, then they have to make sure that they have read and understand the dynamics of the play” Scarlett letter” but if the opt for any one of the preceding thesis statement then they just have to answer that part by conducting and collecting the pertinent material. Therefore, read the preceding thesis statement idea and write the Scarlett essay to win good grades in your exams.

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