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  > Good Cancer Essay titles to Write Breast and Lung Cancer Essays
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Good Cancer Essay titles to Write Breast and Lung Cancer Essays
Cancer essay is not a difficult thing to deal with but writing on the same old lines can only leave a boring impact on the reader’s mind. I f you really don’t want to bore the reader than you have to develop some unconventional topic for essay on cancer so that you get great praises from your teacher. If you are about to write breast cancer essay or lung cancer essay, make sure it informs the reader rather creating long and long notes without any apparent purpose. Here are some ideas for writing lung cancer essay and breast cancer essay topics for different types of essays: How to write Lung Cancer Essays Titles: 1- For informative essay on lung cancer: Causes that leads to lung cancer: The biggest cause of lung cancer is smoking, while you can also include the other causes as well, like: Smelling Asbestos during construction or mining work. Radiations can also cause lung cancer. Radon gas that is usually found in rocks 2- For descriptive essay on lung cancer: Lung cancer - the biggest threat today: Every eight out of tem people who smokes regularly gets disease. Every six months checkup is necessary because the disease doesn’t show its symptoms at early stages. Lung cancer results into more killing than any other type of cancer. 3- For conclusive essay on lung cancer: How Bronchitis and Emphysema increases the possibility of lung cancer: Bronchitis and Emphysema both are related to the lungs, this is how it increases the possibility of lung cancer. How to Write Breast Cancer Essays Titles: 1- For informative essay on breast cancer: Why women suffer from breast cancer more than men? You can say that women have more chance of getting breast cancer because they have more breast cells that are dedicated to female growth promoting hormones that are PROGESTERONE and ESTROGEN. 2- For descriptive essay on breast cancer: Symptoms and analysis for breast cancer: You can include the following symptoms and the relative diagnosis in your breast cancer essay: Major symptoms: Extra screening of mammograms Swelling on the breast area Gathering of lump or mass Skin problem Pain in breast How to Diagnose: Triple screen or triple test X-rays or Mammography Needle aspiration biopsy Vacuum-assisted stereo active breast biopsy 3- For conclusive essay on breast cancer: Why can’t you prevent many risk involving factors in the growth of breast cancer? Following are some of factors that you cannot help: You can’t help it if you are women, because women have more chance of building breast cancer. You cannot stop the process of aging which also increases the risk of getting breast cancer with it. If it is genetic problem than you cannot run away from it. You can also include some suggestions for how to prevent breast cancer. Therefore, you can find more examples by searching over the internet but if you go through the above told examples carefully, I am sure you would be able to craft a good cancer essay in no time.

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