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  > Ten Most Effective Business School Essay Admission Writing Tips
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Ten Most Effective Business School Essay Admission Writing Tips
Tip no 1:

Don't use big terminologies in your business school essays:

Reader want to read something that is readable and understandable so use words that are simple and easy. Use of big company's terminologies will not impress the reader; rather he will not get your point in business school essay. A reader want to know about the struggles you faced in your life, your abilities and strengths, so make him understand in easy terms.

Tip no 2:

Make it more interesting and compelling:

The admission office is reading thousands of business school admission essays in a day, so, think why he would like to prefer the same old stuff again and again. Try to make it more interesting by specially writing a compelling beginning, for example;

"I was only 5 when my father was brutally murdered"

Tip # 3:

Provide your personal details as well in our business school application essay:

Ideal business school essays contains personal details as well, if you want to any of your personal strength, do not just start writing about it, rather express it with your personal details.

"My family was deprived of the car or even running water, still we faced the struggles of life with bravery and courage"

Tip # 4:

Make sure your business school essay is not wordy:

Avoid being wordy, bunch of words wont impress your teacher rather it would look crowdy, therefore, try to make your business school admission essay as little wordy as possible.

Tip # 5:

State your weaknesses in style:

It is possible that you're your business school essay would require you to write your weaknesses as well, so don't be afraid of writing about your weaknesses but make sure you are doing it in a way that eventually leaves a positive impact on the reader, for example; tell them if you got failed in exam, next year how much you did hard work to get A grades.

Tip # 6:

Make use of appropriate transitional words:

Again, I would say don't make use of extra transitional words, the appropriate use of transitional words will help you maintain the flow of your business essay, words like furthermore, consequently, subsequently are common in business school essays writing.

Tip # 7:

Don't overstuff your business school essays with passive verbs:

Make sure you are not using extra passive voice in your business school essay; it will only devastate your impression on the reader.
Tip # 8:

Answer some questions honestly:
Ask yourself, if your business school essay has a single theme or not? What is the introduction of your essay is it compelling? How much the essay tells about your personality? Is your essay creating a flow within the paragraphs? Is the use of transitional words appropriate?

Tip # 9:

Keep your essay to the main theme:

Is your business school essay writing looking like an autobiography? Don't talk about the things which are irrelevant in your business school essay.

Tip # 10:

Proof read your essay again and again:

Once you are done with your essay writing, read it again and again, get rid of extraneous information. After completing the proofreading, go through your essay again to see if there is any flaw left, repeat the process again and again unless you are completely satisfied with it.

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