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  > 5 Tips For Writing Capital Punishment Essay
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5 Tips For Writing Capital Punishment Essay
Capital punishment is quite a debatable topic for centuries as there are many people who think capital punishment as an unethical behavior while some believe it should be practiced so as to get rid of the crime and criminals. The ethical dilemma of capital punishments can be a very good topic to be discussed in an essay.

Students need to be up to the point while writing capital punishment essays, the possible topics for the assignments could be either favor of capital punishment essay or in against of the capital punishment essay, therefore, they should be very clear about what to write their essays on capital punishment. The following informational text will contain five tips for the students who need some help for writing capital punishment essay.

            5 Useful Tips For Writing Capital Punishment Essay

Tip # 1:

Opt for any controversial capital punishment essay topics

The best thing is to go for any controversial topic for writing capital punishment essay as it attracts the reader in few seconds and good use of words can make your topic shine more. For example; “should capital punishment be made illegal in all areas of United States?” Or “capital punishment- humanity killer”

Tip # 2:

Write a thesis statement that is either in against or favor of capital punishment

Thesis statement is a statement where you will be stating a fact that will be further discussed in the coming capital punishment essay paragraphs, following are some quotes that can be used for writing against or in favor of capital punishment.

In favor capital punishment essay:

Capital punishment is our society’s recognition of the sanctity of human life. – Orrin Hatch
In against capital punishment essay:

Many of us do not believe in capital punishment, because thus society takes from a man what society cannot give. ~   Katharine Fullerton Gerould

Tip # 3:

Use at least three topic sentences to support your point

Great topic sentence in any essay is written in the beginning encapsulating the whole essence of the paragraph. For example; “The man convicted for the crime was finally sentenced to death by high court in spite of the fact that he was innocent”

Tip # 4:

Don’t forget to cite the sources you used

The body paragraph of capital punishment essay should be based on your opinion and arguments and if you are using any quotations then it is advisable to refer to the cities form where you have collected the sources.

Tip # 5:

Make up to the point discussion:

Use digressive approach to wrap your capital punishment essay rather than rhetorical discussions so that a reader is fully convinced in the end. If you are confused about your writing then you will surely confuse your reader as well.

As mentioned earlier, capital punishment have been considered very controversial for centuries for there are many arguments in favor of and in against of it, so it can be very interesting to deal with essays on capital punishment if you take it seriously and by following the above told useful tips you will surely come up with some great piece of work.

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