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  > Guideline for Writing Introduction for Great Expectations Essay
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Guideline for Writing Introduction for Great Expectations Essay
A great expectation is classic work culminated by a genius of all time, Charles Dickens. It is the story of an orphan Pip, most of the people even says that is a semi-autobiographical novel reflecting much of the life of the authors. There are many themes discussed in great expectations, this is the reason students are asked to write great expectations essays. Teacher wants the students to build their analytical skills and reading habits but students face so many problems while writing great expectation essays.
For the students, it sometimes become so difficult to analyze the verbal irony in Charles Dickens work and this is why students find it real difficult to deal with writing great expectation essays on different themes of the essay and eventually ends up with bad introduction for essays on great expectations.

Therefore, we are providing you four different themes from the novel and guideline for writing a good introduction for essay on great expectations.

Introduction idea 1:

Theme:  Aspiration


You should write a thesis statement which will tell the readers about the aims and objective of the pips. For instance:

“Pips aim in life was to join a better social class but the over ambitiousness of him lead him to live his life in solitude away from his friends”

The topic sentence of your essay should be supporting the thesis statement effectively, the topic sentence for great expectations essay would be something like this:

“Remarkable achievements in one’s life only come when they high sky-high, otherwise ambitions doesn’t turn out the way they should be”

Introduction idea 2:

Theme: law-breaking and crime


Crime is the second major theme of the novel, so you can base your thesis statement on the theme of law breaking activities.

“Pip had spent much of his lifetime with the criminals, this is the reason he was much inclined towards granting mercy for the criminal rather criminal justice”

The topic sentence should obviously be according to the thesis statement given above, like:

“Rules of the thumb is to break the rules of the society that are specially implemented to punish criminals rather handling them mercifully”

Introduction idea 3:



Joe Gargery is one of the most important characters in the novel, so you can use any quality of his character for your free great expectation essays.
You can also incorporate the kindness, sweetness and honesty of Joe Gargery in your great expectation essay.

There must be other themes from great expectation novel, the above told is just to give you a rough idea on how could develop different types of introduction containing thesis statement and topic sentences ideas as well. So, a word of advice is that, it is better that you develop it on your own and use the preceding examples to get some idea.

Hence, free great expectation essays are very easy to deal with if you follow some instructions for writing the important sections of an essay, all you have to do is to read the great expectation novel, study it and understand the  basic themes of the book, so that you can manage different themes with different introduction.

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