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  > 5 Killer Tips for Good Food Logo Designs for Your Restaurant
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5 Killer Tips for Good Food Logo Designs for Your Restaurant
With so many eat-out places in the city, what makes you think that a customer will walk into yours?

What is that one thing that prompts a customer to make that instant decision to visit your dinette or not?

It’s the brand mark.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that your restaurant trademark is as important as turkey on Thanksgiving, as a center piece on dining table and as the main course at a dinner party.

So how can you design a brand mark that is as delicious and succulent as the meals you’re offering?

Don’t worry! We have 5 killer tips through which you can create a good food logo:

1.Choose colors that remind you of food:
Does blue remind you of hot, delicious and succulent meals?
Not at all!
When you’re trying to choose a color for your company trademark, close an eyes and think of colors that remind you of mouth watering feasts. You can use red to represent chili if you’re opening a Mexican place or golden brown to symbolize tender crispy chicken if you’re opening a local burger place. So, use colors that your customers can associate with meals.
Does pink remind you of food?
No? Then that’s out.

2.Use images and blank spaces cleverly:
Nothing can make your logo more appealing and memorable than using black spaces cleverly or inserting eatables’ symbol in the restaurant name.
Does your dinette name have the letter L? Why not use a fork or a knife in the letter’s place to make it more interesting. Does it contain the letter O? Then why not make it look like a plate with a fried fish in it?

3.Use an eye catching font style:
Straight fonts are boring. To add a zest to your design, use font styles that are eye catching. That doesn’t mean that the font style is so curly that it isn’t even legible but to make your font style distinct, you can use fonts that are slightly curvy. You can also place your eatery’s name at an aligned angle to add a little creativity to the design.

4.Choose images or illustrations that reflect your restaurant’s specialty meal:
What special type of meals are you offering? If you’re opening an Italian dinette then why not use mouth watering pasta illustrations in your Italian food logo. Similarly, if it’s a Chinese place, why not use fish with chop sticks? Let the personality of the feast you’re offering reflect in your restaurant logo design.

5.Make sure that the food images you use will be desirable for the viewers:
Use images that are desirable and enviable. If it’s a piece of cake, make sure that it’s chocolate with an ice cream scoop and cherries on top with chocolate shavings and biscotti. If your customers are judging a book by its cover, then you might as well show them a great cover.
Even if you’re using an apple illustration, make sure it’s shiny, red and juicy looking.

So, follow these 5 killer tips and make sure that the business image you create for your eatery is mouth watering and divine.

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