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  > 4 Google Music and Dance Logo Designs That Have Rocked the World
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4 Google Music and Dance Logo Designs That Have Rocked the World
A feature that keeps the Google logos interesting for the viewers is the way they keep changing their emblem for special occasions and days. This way they are not only paying a tribute to the famous personalities and events around the world but is also showing the world that they still have the power to make people sit up and take notice.

Although Google frequently comes up with new emblems for the day, below mentioned are some music and dance logo designs that have rocked the world with its creativity and originality.

1. Les Paul's 96th birthday - 9 June 2011:
To celebrate the 96th birthday of the late guitarist Les Paul, they created a playable guitar logo that can be strummed with the movement of the mouse. This emblem was so famous that Google had to keep it on for an extra day. Over 500 songs were composed and uploaded on YouTube only in one day. This interactive brand mark made headlines all over the world.

2. John Lennon's 70th birthday  - 8 October 2010:
This was the first time that Google used a YouTube video as a Doodle video. The emblem that day was a simple illustration with an image of the legendary musician but when you click on the monogram, it transforms into a YouTube video with a variety of images of pinwheels, flowers and butterflies with 32 seconds of the famous song 'imagine' playing in the background.

3. Ice Skating event at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics  - 22 February 2010:
To celebrate each of the Vancouver Olympic events 2010, Google created a unique emblem for each of the events. The most elegant of them all was the image of the dancing woman who represented the Ice Skating contest in the Olympics. The graceful movements of the dancer along with the icy colors of the emblem made it distinct and memorable.  

4. Martha Graham's 117th birthday - 11 May 2011:
Martha Graham is the pioneer of dance and chorography and is also known as the "mother of modern dance". To celebrate her 117th birthday, on May 11, Google crafted an emblem that went down in history because of its innovation, creativity and skill. The monogram is a very elegant dance logo design that shows us different motions of the dance characters performed famously by Martha. The fluidly of the movements that shapes the letters of Google makes it one of the most artistic designs to be ever created.

The Google doodles have not only made a unique mark for themselves but have also raised the viewers' expectations as far as the designs are concerned. After the playable games, videos and music; people are now expecting something even more unique and innovative from this famous search engine.

Whether Google will be able to deliver that or not; it remains to be seen but all we know is that we are certainly impressed by the art so far.

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posted on 05/05/2012 03:24:15
 Of course it is a todtiairn! I have been so bummed that I didn't have time to carve pumpkins or decorate for fall this year. Yours is phenomenal! I love the blinged out one too You're so creative.

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